Thursday, July 13, 2017

All the New Stuff

Let's catch up! How have you been? It's been very hectic here! I've been on auto pilot for a while but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel and new hope is blooming! All of June through now has been a blur. But I'll share what I can remember.

First MIL's lung cancer had to be removed. This was the 2nd occurrence (first time was 6 years ago.) Her hospital was 65 miles north of us so we did a lot of driving back and forth for doctor visits and pre-op. After the surgery, she had some scary episodes that required an extended stay. She was later released to a local rehab unit where more episodes that were life threatening happened and so we were at the hospital around the clock several times.

Thankfully she is home and improving now but travelling the 65 miles to and from doctors will continue for a while. By the time I go to her home to get her, visit the doctors, return her to her home, and then get back to the homestead, most of a day is gone.

Meanwhile we've had some excitement in the form of a bouncing baby grandson arrive! There were baby showers and shopping trips before his appearing and (of course) this Grammy had to be at the hospital for the main event. He's home and healthy now but home is 60 miles the other direction so I'm travelling that way a lot, too.

And even though I haven't had time to share with you, we have managed to get some homesteading projects completed. I can't wait to show off my new raised beds to you! (If you follow on Facebook or Instagram, you've already seen them.) The garden is doing extremely well and I've found time to can some pickles and dehydrate all kinds of stuff. DH dried some delicious rabbit and goat jerky and got his first honey harvest. We rendered some beeswax! Day-to-day chores have taken on new significance. There's so much satisfaction in feeding and mucking now. New chicks have hatched and the goat doelings are growing like weeds. I picked up 4 guinea keets at the farm store and they're learning how to raise a ruckus!

And blogging- writing mine, reading yours- has wormed it's way back into the schedule. Is it easy? No. Am I caught up? No. Am I going to keep trying? YES!

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  1. Wow. It sounds like you have had a whirlwind of activities, yet you are keeping things running on the home front. We are under water here sadly. If the rain stops, it may dry up and partially save some of my harvest.


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