Monday, April 17, 2017

Whirlwind of a Week

I think my head is still spinning! Last week was one of those where several projects got marked off the to-do list. DH was home for most of the week and we worked from sunrise to well past sunset every darned day!

 He replaced the shingle roof on the shed that was damaged in the storm with an all new metal one. That project took the better part of two days. Part of the time we spent searching for the missing nail gun that had mysteriously found a resting spot under an installed sheet of metal. We'll just keep that little bit of the story between us, though.

I had been unable to mow yet this year thanks to the mowers needing repaired. The yard was so tall! Thankfully DH got all the mowers running in good shape. It took us both working at it to knock the jungle down!

Then he replaced a rotten wall and floor in our old camper. I was super excited about that! We had been holding on to that camper for a couple years after it got too bad to use, waiting for "someday" to fix it. As with most of those types of projects, I was beginning to think "someday" was never going to actually get here. But a whole day and a half of solid work appeared out of nowhere- SURPRISE, Hoosier Girl!

 We also got the garden spot prepared and some plants in the dirt. That was a relief to me! I can add more plants and seeds as I get them but the initial work is always a little overwhelming. DH got it done like a pro in an afternoon!

So, now do you think we can sit back and relax? Well, no. DH has returned to the paying job. I imagine he's probably glad to get a break, There's critters to be taken care of and the grass keeps growing here. Each day brings a new challenge of some sort. But it's nice to look back and see the progress we made!

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  1. You sound like us. We got one very large project done, and a few small ones. Have a great week!


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