Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Stormy Spring Days

What do you do when it's dark-ish and dreary-ish in the middle of the day? When it's too windy to open the windows and too muggy to keep them closed? When there's a threat of rain and lightning outside and you don't want to start anything inside that will require electricity to finish?

I think I have mastered the window "crack" method. It's almost exactly at the 2 6/7 inch mark. There is just enough cool air coming in without blowing the junk mail off the coffee table and swirling out my lit candle. But if it was another fraction of an inch higher or lower, there would be chaos. 

I got my storm prep out of the way this morning while I was doing the critter chores. But when I came inside from milking, I realized there was too much milk stockpiled in the fridge. I really wanted to try making a new kind of cheese but that's not something I would attempt with the possibility of the lights going out. So I started a batch of yogurt instead. Hopefully it will be finished incubating and into the fridge before I need to worry about keeping the door shut!

Right now all my electronic devices are on their chargers. So if that bad storm develops you can find me in the basement with my trusty fm radio- switching between weather updates and whatever music station will come in. Until then, I'm catching up on housework. Who wants to be caught in a thunderstorm with dusty floors? That would be worse than needing an ambulance when you haven't got on "good" underwear!

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  1. Have you made Fromage blanc cheese (white cheese)? It's very good too. We've had stormy weather here too.


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