Monday, April 3, 2017

Ricotta Cheese

This morning I've been busy learning a new-to-me way to make ricotta cheese. Traditionally it's made with whey left over from making another type of cheese. This way uses whole goats milk. It was easy, quick, and turned out quite yummy. And my chickens, along with a few sneaky cats, got to dine on fresh whey for breakfast. That's one of their favorite treats!

Last week I started fasting from breakfast but I did sneak a small taste to make sure it turned out ok. Now I'm on the countdown to lunch so I can have a nice portion! I'm going to mix it into scrambled eggs with mushrooms and a mini sweet pepper. How do you like to use ricotta?


  1. I love to make a ricotta spinach frittata, crock pot mac n' cheese, lasagna and a lot more (with ricotta). I used to make it from scratch when we had goat's milk. Yum!


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