Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Plumbing Problems

We have a clogged drain pipe. Boy howdy! Is that fun or what? It's one of those clogs that took up residence close to where the the pipes exit the house (judging from the spot where it leaks when it's backed up.) Anyway, it's not a simple, pour some drain opener in the sink drain and wait an hour, clog. No. It's more of a, wait until your DH gets home or a plumber gets here (whichever comes first) type of fiasco. Meantime, I'm not able to run any water anywhere. Yippee!

When I get into these types of situations, the ones where modern conveniences stop working, I always stop to think about how things were done before society had them. How did the waste water leave the residence? Of course it had to be carried out. So, why don't I just do that?... just carry it out?
Ha! It sounds so simple!

There was a time, I suppose, when every home must have had wash tubs and chamber pots. Unfortunately, mine doesn't. But maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to get some. I used to have plastic dish tubs. Where did they go? Do people even know what a chamber pot is anymore? I remember the one in my grandma's house. I also remember the coffee can that went along on camping trips for that purpose.

My normal milking routine begins with filling the sink with a hot, sanitizing solution for all the equipment. This morning I just skipped that step and the milk I collected went straight to the chickens. Tomorrow I'll be better prepared to handle the whole process. Today I'll be looking for those missing dishpans!


  1. Buckets are so useful or pails I think you call them, although when you need one there is never one around its like they magically disappear

  2. When our toilet quit working I sprung into action with a bucket lined with two trash bags. Hubby was of course mortified being a city kid but he quickly decided it would work.


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