Monday, March 6, 2017

In the Works

Busy, busy, busy! I think I've bitten off more than I can chew. Even though I don't have a deadline for most of my projects, I don't like having unfinished things cluttering up my mind. This week I'm determined to finish them all!

On the crochet hook- a soft little blanket for my first grandchild. He will be here in July and I want to have the blanket ready for a baby shower.

On the crafting table- a Thanksgiving themed wreath for a charity auction coming up. I've got yards of tulle to cut and wrap and knot around it still.

On the bookshelf- I'm still trying to finish reading "The Joy of Spinning." The first chapter reeled me in good so I think I can get through it in a couple of evening sessions, if I leave it within easy reach on the night stand.

In the kitchen- I have an unopened box of green coffee beans that includes some new varieties I've never sampled before. It's like Christmas! But I haven't had time to get any roasting done. The actual process takes less than 10 minutes per batch. That doesn't include set-up or clean-up though.

In the basement- All of the seed starting stuff has been organized and is waiting for me to actually start the seeds.

In the goat pen- I'm still waiting on goat babies. My kidding supplies are all set to go but I haven't hauled out and sanitized the milking supplies yet.

And finally,
In the chicken coop- I'd like to set up a separate Silkie chicken pen this week so I can get some pure bred eggs.

That doesn't seem like too much for a person to handle in a week does it? I'm sure I can get it all done! Goals, people. They make a homesteader's world go round.
Just. Don't. Get. Dizzy.


  1. And next week there will be a new set of goals, the lists are never ending, I have that book The Joy of Spinning.

  2. Too late. I'm already dizzy this week, ha ha! So. Much. To. Do.


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