Friday, February 24, 2017

Glad to be Home!

We made it back to Indiana late Tuesday night and hit the homestead running Wednesday morning. Mother Nature has sure made it difficult to slow down and rest like we would normally do in the wintertime. So far since we've returned we've fixed a broken gate, cleaned out a bee hive, celebrated a kid's birthday, burned off some of the garden spot, assembled a bbq grill, and mapped out new fence lines. Whew! DH took off for work this morning and now I'm getting time to sit down and catch up to date here.

Today I'll share about our trip. As I said before it was a quick run to Texas to visit family and the Mother Earth News Fair. We had a blast! It's always great to see relatives and the fair was very enjoyable. Besides getting to hang out with like-minded people, we learned a lot and got to see some awesome products and crafters.

 Mother Earth News Fair pix:

Schedule for the day.

Cheese making workshop

Spinning cotton

Pottery wheel

Soap making workshop

 Family fun, too!
Nieces and nephew

DH builds a tower
 It looks like our run of 70 degree days is over. Tomorrow we will see the 30's again. Maybe I'll get time to show you that fixed up gate!


  1. Glad you got home safely and had a good time in TX. I imagine the M.E.N. Fair was a blast. We are stopping by The Great Appalachian Homesteading Conference in May on our way to visit family down south. It is always better when you can combine trips, isn't it? Bora.

    1. It was a great time! I have been interested in the Appalachian Homesteading Conference for a while- let me know what you think of it!


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