Monday, February 13, 2017

Fiber Bug

I've been bitten! I started out with a desire to learn how to spin. After taking a couple lessons, I now know that I really enjoy it. It's quite peaceful to sit with no distractions and get into a rhythm of spinning, your thoughts can wander and daydream, and you end up (hopefully) with a beautiful yarn when you're done. I have been using a borrowed spinning wheel and after deciding this is something I want to continue to pursue, I'm going to purchase it! By the way, if you find a teacher of any hobby who will loan you the equipment to learn on until you decide if you want to make an investment, you've struck it rich. I really can't stress enough how great that was!

I haven't been at it long enough to make a perfect yarn but I am having such a good time learning and I know with practice and patience I will get there. Meanwhile, I'm ready to start learning about dyes and different types of fiber. I want to get the head knowledge started to keep up with the hands-on stuff I'm doing. At the suggestion of my teacher I purchased The Joy of Spinning by Marilyn Kluger. It's no longer in print but I hunted it down on Amazon and it arrived this week. I've only thumbed through it but I'm looking forward to sitting down with it soon.

I've also been thinking about ways to get fiber. We don't raise any fiber animals so I will have to purchase the materials. Or maybe I will get some angora rabbits. A sheep? Some alpacas? Silk worms? A CAMEL!! I think it's time for me to stop writing, Even though he will be miles away when he's reading this, I can hear my DH's sigh when he gets to this part.  Have a great week!


  1. I recently gave a spinning wheel to a friend and she got me a great book to say thank you, The Complete Guide to Spinning Yarn by Brenda Gibson, as well as a great section on animal fibers it has a section on plant fibers, its a lovely book and covers every aspect of spinning.

    1. What a nice gesture! That book sounds lovely!


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