Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 in Review

On the last day of 2015 I shared a post about my desire to start a homesteading planner/journal. You can read about it here.  You can see the progress I made in the following pictures;


It started out great. But as the year started to wind down, so did my dedication to the planner. It wasn't due to lack of stuff to record, my heart just wasn't in it. I let myself get stretched too thin and put my energy and thoughts into other things. But I haven't totally given up. I bought a new, smaller one for 2017 and I'm renewing my efforts to keep track of all we do- good and bad. I've dedicated a page for posting a weekly picture of the journal and I'll try to remember to update it weekly. You can see it by clicking on the "Weekly Journal" tab at the top of this page.


  1. I keep records but sometimes things get forgotten or life is busy, I have just got myself another record book today :-)

  2. Sort of keep records, but will need to be more efficient this year as lots going on!


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