Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Weird Winter Weather

We've had some ups and downs since DH has been home.  It's been an odd winter as far as weather is concerned.

The first few days of his vacation I scurried around making preparations for power outages and bad roads due to ice. Fortunately we didn't have any trouble in that sense but the temperatures were very cold and the wind chills were brutal. One morning I scared myself when my fingertips turned blue during morning chores. I got them warmed back up before any damage was done and I am being more careful now.

Now that Christmas is over, it's starting to feel like spring has arrived. Monday was so warm that the deep litter I had started in the chicken coop had to be removed. It got so damp in there that the litter started to smell. Once I finished that chore, I went ahead and scooped out under the rabbit cages.
-- side note-- remember the neat idea I had to catch the rabbit manure? It's still just an idea. Someday soon I hope to get it built but other things keep coming up...

It's cooling back down now. The temperature is even dropping below freezing at night. But the warmth has confused the plant life on our homestead.                                                                            

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