Saturday, December 31, 2016

Out With the Old

This week has been a lazy one, in a way. DH had to replace some brake lines on his truck and he had some battery problems that involved jumper cables and a trip to the store to replace it. We also had to make a feed run but that turned into a fun date at the farm store. We've gotten into the habit of sleeping a little later in the mornings and staying up a lot later in the evening. It's been a great mini vacation! But the weekend will bring the end of it. We'll watch the ball drop on t.v. tonight. Tomorrow after church we're going to hit up a state park for a "First Day Hike." Last year we hiked at a little local park and decided we liked the idea of starting each New Year with an outdoor activity.
January 1, 2016 hike
The Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources hosts First Day Hikes at several of the state parks so we chose one of the closer ones to check out this year. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for the adventure!

Monday will be DH's last day home. We're planning to get our rabbit grow-outs into the freezer that day. There will also be the customary packing madness that always happens when he's home for more than a few days. It seems like half his stuff goes into hiding when he's not looking!

Tuesday will be hard for us both. We will have to adjust to each flying solo after sharing everything for so long. I plan to spend the day working on my planners- tallying up the 2016 debits and credits (maybe I'll find something interesting to share) and filling out the goals for 2017.

I want to say to y'all: Thanks for hanging out with me this year! 2016 brought a lot of tough things and even more fun stuff in the homesteading department. I'm looking forward to whatever comes along in 2017 and I hope you'll join me here to ride along!

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