Friday, December 16, 2016

Homesteading $ Game

There's a game circulating around Facebook where a list of "wild things you may have done in your younger days" is given dollar values. You add up the total price of your deeds and share the total, without having to confess to which ones you'd committed. Depending on how you want your reputation to be remembered, you could be proud of a high or low dollar amount! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to make up a version of this game for my homesteading friends! So add up you're scores and let's see how homestead-y you are!

If you have ever:

Washed a piece of tin foil for reuse= $5
Sharpened a garden tool= $5
Patched a sock or glove= $5
Chased a critter with a fishing net= $5

Stepped in manure= $10
Sported a hoof print on an article of clothing= $10
Pulled hay out of your pocket at a cash register= $10
Smashed an egg in your pocket= $10

Mended something with baling twine= $20
Mended something with zip ties= $20
Been bitten by your own livestock= $20
Smashed an egg in your pocket, 2 days in a row= $20

Been seen by the public(mailman, school bus driver, etc) outside in your jammies= $30
Looked up the date of your last tetanus shot= $30
Traded anything for egg cartons= $30
Followed an animal around with a baggie trying to get a fecal sample= $30

Made trips to a stall with a flashlight multiple times in 1 night= $50
Spent hours on the phone trying to find a hay supply= $50
Given a critter a shot= $50
Made 2 or more trips to a farm store in the same day= $50

How did you do? Are you rolling in the dough? Obviously, I've done all of these things so I consider myself "rich" in homesteading experiences. 

Spread the fun- copy and paste to see how your friends do, also.


  1. $230 here, I havent been going as long as you :-)

    1. Maybe not as long but at the rate you're going, you'll be rolling in the dough soon!

  2. $300....that I actually admit to. Are there extra points for having to go to the farm store 3 times in one day, because I have done that! Bora.

    1. Same here! After I posted this I thought of so many things to add!

  3. Without thinking about it too much (maybe there are some I did but cannot remember...), I came up with $215.00.

    1. I'd like to forget doing some of these, hahaha! Sounds like you're doing good!

  4. Um... $310. Have you watching me? :)

    1. I might go to your blog looking for maybe....


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