Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Look Back at Christmas Wishes

Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to Santa last year:

Dear Santa,
Since I've been an incredibly good girl this year, I know you will want to fulfill all my Christmas wishes. Here's a list to get you started:

1. Yarn. Yes, DH will point you to my full yarn stash but trust me, I need more.
2. A wheelbarrow. Yes, DH has a wheelbarrow. But it has a hole in it. I need one that can move poop that is berry sized, like I imagine reindeer poop would be.
3. A kid goat harness. Baby goats will be here in the spring and my fingers are crossed for a cute little girl to train.
4. A milking parlor. Because baby goats = milk and I really don't like milking in the rain.
5. A bucket of sand. Garden tools stay cleaner and sharper if they are run through sand before they're put away.

I think that's all I want that money can buy. I'll add some non-material wishes in case you're inclined to put in a word with the man upstairs:

1. More time off for my DH. His honey-do list is a mile long already. Plus I need someone to cuddle on the couch,
2. A mild winter. Freezing my hiney off or bruising it on the ice isn't fun anymore.
3.No malfunctions of winter equipment or animal shelters or fences.
4.Good health for all the critters and their keepers.
5.Peace and blessings to everyone who follows along here on our wacky journey.  

Thank you for continuing to teach us all about the goodness of giving. I'll leave your peanut butter and dandelion jelly sandwich in the usual place. Give all those reindeer a hug from me!

Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Claus,
Hoosier Girl

This year the wheelbarrow got repaired, my yarn stash has grown (I know!) and I've gotten a bucket or 2 of sand. We decided not to keep the goat kid so I didn't need the harness and we dried up the doe, thus no milking parlor was needed. I think we did ok on the second list, too. DH has been home more this year, my hiney is intact, and the critters didn't require any vet care. Hopefully all my followers have had a blessed year. 

So I will have to come up with a new list of wants for Santa this year. I'll be working on it and will share it soon. What are you asking from the jolly old elf this year? 


  1. I put a list out for santa a few weeks ago, Dear Santa.
    I have worked hard and been kind to others, I have stayed out of trouble and dont recall being naughty.
    Here is my Christmas list for 2016.

    Some new slippers size 6 slip on ones with a proper sole, not novelty ones they have to be practical as I am getting on a bit now. My old ones are starting to fall apart.

    Some nice thermal gloves, some with fingers and some as mitts, I need to keep my hands warm when I am out tending to the livestock, as you know I have a bit of arthritis and my hands are a bit painful in the mornings, they have to be washable as they do tend to get mucky.

    Michael Jackson Cd to listen to when I am busy crafting, this has been on my list for a few years now, I guess they must have been out of stock.

    Trees any kind of trees, as you are aware I am planting up a woodland so far since being here I have planted about 400 trees around the place I really would like some more.

    Thats all that is on my list this year
    Thank you Santa.

    1. Sounds like the perfect homesteading wish list! Well, except for the Michael Jackson cd. haha! I hope you get it this year!


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