Thursday, October 27, 2016

Winter Supplies

It's been a little warmer than normal here. Usually at this time of year, the mower has been put into storage unless we use it to mulch leaves. But our grass is still growing and I'm still mowing. So I haven't even really thought about preparing for winter. DH brought it up in a phone conversation yesterday and I was shocked to realize I was so far behind. I guess you could say he gave me a wake up call!

This weekend I'll get busy and try to get all the winter emergency shopping done. I just can't understand how some folks wait til an emergency is looming and then make a mad rush to the store to get bread and milk. I'm making my list today. So far I've got:

10 emergency candles
1 jug of lamp oil
10 gallons of bottled water
1 case of toilet paper
1 bag of ice melting salt

We keep a pretty good stock of canned food and pantry items year round except for canned milk. It seems to expire faster than other foods so I will need to stock up on some for just the winter. The other perishables- bread, eggs, and meat are homemade or produced here.

Since our winter "emergencies" usually last only a few days and we are limited on space, I try to keep at least a months worth of critter feed at all times in the winter. The biggest concern with critter care is electricity failure which causes the water supply to halt. I have a stack of five gallon buckets to fill with water when there's a threat of bad weather. I also will stock enough hay and straw to last until next spring.

Beyond survival needs, I like to plan for comfort, too. Sitting around in a cold, dark home can be mentally and emotionally stressful. Some of the food stores include treats like popcorn and hot cocoa mix. My yarn stash is plenty big enough to provide some creativity stimulation in the daylight hours. And my Kindle and MP3 player both are loaded and can be recharged in the car.

Now tell me what you do in preparation for possible winter emergencies. I'm sure you can add ideas to my list!


  1. We keep jugs of water to flush our toilets in case the pipes freeze or electric goes out. Which also means jugs of drinking water in jugs for the animals too. We always have our propane camper stove to fall back on, and our grill if needed. Candles are always a must, along with extra batteries, camp lights and flash lights.

    1. Batteries! I knew I was forgetting something!

  2. We Vacu can powdered milk for emergency is fine for most baking needs. We are shopping for a goat as we do like fresh milk and milk on the hoof keeps very well during a crisis.
    The propane tank is full, woodshed full, bottled water in good shape and matches, TP, spices, batteries, popcorn and the like are stored. We have two inverters for the vehicles to charge things. This house with the propane lights, fridge, water heater and stove is a wonder in a power failure. We didn't get serious snow until January last winter and have not had frost here yet.

    Do you have kerosene lamps?

    1. It sounds like you are really prepared! I'm jealous! :)

      I'm not sure what kind of fuel my lamps use. It just says "lamp oil" on the bottle. But now I'm so curious! I sent off a text message to the expert (aka DH) and hope to have an answer soon.


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