Monday, October 10, 2016

Typical Fall Monday

How's your day going so far? I've just stopped for lunch and thought I'd share what a typical Monday is like here.

The first few minutes of the day were spent giving the dog her daily belly rub. I know better than to try to get out of bed before that- she will pin me down! We play some 70's easy listening/folk type music and wake up slow. Then the real fun begins! As soon as the first song is about over, the cat will decide she's about to starve to death and all this belly rubbing nonsense has to stop. right. now. She will give a loud meow which will tempt the dog to leap out of the bed (usually one paw will land right on my midsection as she bounds) to chase the starving cat. And then we're off!

Today, after taking care of the inside and outside critter feeding, I had an egg sandwich for breakfast. It was tasty but I was getting tired of eggs every morning so I decided to make a pan of granola for the next few days.
homesteader cereal
While the granola was baking I strained the 4 jars of apple cider vinegar that I had started a couple weeks ago. I ended up with a nice bowl of apple scraps to share with the chickens. They were thrilled when I ran that treat out to them.
apple peels are for the birds
I ended up with 2 1/2 lovely jars of cider vinegar. It's turning cooler so I expect it will take a couple months for it to be finished but it smells wonderful already. 
pretty coffee filter dust bonnets
After I got the granola jarred up and the vinegar shelved, I washed up the dishes, ran the sweeper around the house, tossed some throw rugs in the wash, called the vet to schedule the dog's checkup for this afternoon, and played some tug-of-war with her. 

As for the rest of the day, after I get the lunch crumbs swept off my laptop, I'm going to spin some yarn and water all the outside critters before that vet visit. Then this evening I'll be making chicken broth for the freezer. I hope your day is as satisfying as mine! Happy Monday!


  1. My Monday consisted of cleaning the area rugs and tile floors after housing 9 people through Hurricane Matthew. What a nasty mess! I also washed bed linens from 3 bedrooms and made a batch of goat's milk yogurt. The house is starting to look "normal" again....

    1. How generous of you to house so many people!
      I'm hoping to have a goat in milk next spring, I miss the yogurt!

  2. Mondays are my busiest day of the week usually. Today I dug sweet potatoes, turning about 22 pounds of them into french fries that got vacuum sealed and frozen. I did laundry and introduced 7 6-week old chicks to the adult chickens in their half acre yard while cleaning out the coop in anticipation of winter. Then I called to check on my in-law family in south Georgia who went through hurricane Matthew. I ended up the day with pruning some blackberry plants and elderberries, harvesting parsley and drying it. And that was actually a rather slow day for me. Your vinegar looks great. I have always wanted to try my hand at making some. Is it difficult? Bora.

    1. Wow! You were busy!
      ACV is very easy to make. I'll send you an email with the directions I use.

    2. Thanks so much for the ACV recipe. I appreciate it a lot. Bora

  3. I think my laptop can sympathize with yours. I have the oddest stuff in the keyboard. Feathers, seeds and a bit of cracker!


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