Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ho Hum

I wish I had something new to report. But everything here is ho hum. The weather is behaving, the critters are healthy, the chores are the same monotonous ones I do everyday. I could almost complain about the everydayness of it all BUT I know better than to invite trouble.

DH has been gone for 22 days now and I can only handle my 9/10s of the responsibilities if every cotton pickin' detail stays working and in good order. Throw one little monkey wrench into the works and *poof* wife meltdown. If multiple things happen or a disaster strikes on a bad day then you can betcher bottom dollar there's gonna be a hissy fit.

So let's just enjoy the calm, boring, peaceful homestead life right now and I promise (cross my heart) you'll be the first to get all the juicy details of the next adventure or catastrophe that comes along.

Quick walnut update: I dumped my little bag of walnuts in the driveway but I haven't had to move my car for three days. Sometime this afternoon I'll drive back and forth a few times to get the ball  nuts rolling!

Bored kitty, looking for excitement.

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