Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I'm back! I took off most of last week and the weekend to see some of my family down south. I had such a great time, road tripped with my mom and a sister. We got back to Indiana Sunday evening. DH was a trooper and stayed home to take care of the critters and some projects on the honey do list. He got the goat buck shed rebuilt and the hay storage area cleaned out for winter- 2 big loads off my mind! But in the very back part of that thinking zone (my mind, that is) there's a niggle. I've been wondering about something and maybe you can help me out.

See, when I got home Sunday, it was just in time to fix dinner. I'd been driving all day and hadn't given it much thought. Since I hadn't planned it out ahead of time, nothing was thawed. My options were severely limited. In order to get a meal on the table, we were going to have to quick thaw or quick cook in the one appliance that was responsible for that niggle in the back part of my brain. The microwave.

Now, I know there are lots of homesteaders that don't even own a microwave. And there are lots that use one everyday. I fall in the middle of them somewhere, more or less. Sometimes I will use it to thaw out something last minute but usually the microwave sits on the counter, collecting dust, until I need to reheat something....cold coffee and/or leftovers.

I should mention here that I can recall the time when every home didn't have a microwave. In fact I can remember the time when NO home had one. And the memory of how excited I was when I first got one is funny to me now. How quickly we become dependent on conveniences!

 Aside from the health effects of microwaves -a debate I have no intention of entering- there must be a reason why some homesteaders choose not to use microwaves. The only reasons I can see for needing one are convenience and energy savings. Saving some money on fuel by quick zapping is the main one for me. Our kitchen stove feasts on propane and just the thought of that little blue flame draining the tank is enough to make my head swim. BUT (you knew there was a "but" coming, didn't you?) winter will soon be upon us. We will be paying to heat the house anyway. I think it will be the perfect time to practice reheating stuff without the microwave.

The biggest challenge will be preparedness. Meal prep will have to include careful planning- in some cases days before the meal. This is an area I really need to work on and I think not having a microwave to fall back on will be a perfect prod! How about you? Do you use a microwave? Can you see yourself managing without one? Got a tip for reheating?


  1. I dont use the microwave very much at all, as my cooking range that lives on logs is on 24/7 it is what i turn to for re-heating

  2. When we purchased our current home, it already had a built-in microwave. I use it to heat a buckwheat filled "heat pack" for sore muscles, reheating food and to heat water for making a cup of hot tea. I feel conflicted about using it and have often thought of getting rid of it. For decades we lived without one. It does take planning for defrosting and reheating things if you do without one. I do believe it is an energy saver over our stove, but I question "at what price" since I wonder about the health issues of using it. I also have noticed that many homesteaders do not use a microwave and like you, want to know why. Bora.

  3. I don't use a microwave although I do have one. But you are right about needing to be organised. Although I have canned jars of meat and various types of vegetables in my larder, which are our DIY fast food meals, I still have to feel inspired to cook. If my head is not on my shoulders I just can't concentrate on getting a meal cooked, which is why we have been going out to lunch lately, but only because my head is wrapped up in other things we need to sort out for our future on the farm. Well that's my excuse! Seriously, though, I love cooking but have to have a quiet and creative mind to do it!

  4. Hubby and I looked at outside wood burners, but haven't purchased one yet. Our list is too long and we lack the time and cash for extras. I do try to thaw the day prior for meals, but do not like using a microwave at all.


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