Sunday, September 4, 2016

Easing Into Fall

The humidity dropped for a couple days and it was heavenly! It's heading back up (along with the temps) this coming week but the little glimpse of fall weather makes it bearable, especially since we are spending our Labor Day weekend laboring.

Remember the moldy hay problem a few weeks ago? DH is busy cutting back the tree limbs that caused the roof to leak and then he will be patching the roof. It's been one of those jobs where nothing has gone the easy way. Right now he is in town picking up a new chain for the chain saw. He found out he needed one after he spent hours getting it to start. Hopefully the chain will be the last of the obstacles and the repairs will go smoothly from there. (I'm stocked up with a bunch of "there, there" and "sorry, dear" platitudes in case it doesn't.)

Once the roof is fixed, the next project will be rebuilding the buck shed. It has to be done about every other fall to provide winter protection. The bucks are little destructive forces on their shed so we automatically put material costs and time for repairs into our budget and calendar.

I've got a pretty good idea of how I'm going to rig up a rabbit manure catchment under the hutches. I've got to find a few more supplies and then I'll be putting it to the test. If it works out, I'll share it with you. If it doesn't, I'll still share it with you. Hey, everyone could learn a lot from my mistakes!

This morning I lopped off several maple saplings that were overtaking the blueberry bushes. They're like weeds around here. Anyway the goats were thrilled to get them. Tomorrow I'll have to pick up the limbs in the goat pens and carry them back to the brush pile. It's worth it though, to have happy goats!

Tomorrow I'll also be picking everything that's left in the garden. Hopefully there will be enough green tomatoes for a batch of chow chow. If there are enough cayenne peppers, I'll start the last jar of fermented pepper sauce for the year.

A late freeze last spring got most of this year's apples. So we're slowly savoring the last of last year's applesauce and watching for apple sales to stock up. I was hoping to make a lot of cider vinegar and pie filling.

It's time to stock up on straw for animal bedding, too. We usually get 10 bales to start the season and if we run short, we'll replenish with bales from the farm store since they carry it all winter. It costs a little more but our storage space is limited and if the winter is mild we won't need it.

So busy times ahead, easing into fall. Mowing will turn into raking. Grilling will be replaced with baking. (And muscles will still be aching.)

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  1. This coming week end will see us making a start on cutting back hedges and trimming tree branches, all will go into the goats, they do love have the branches, stripping the leaves and then stripping the bark off branches


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