Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cries of Distress

I sat down to type this post 15 minutes ago but had to get back up to find what was making the racket in the back yard. The noise from the vacuum cleaner and dryer had been blocking out all other sounds so when I got a peaceful minute to type, I was a little worried about this noise I was hearing. It sounded like (I would imagine) a sick goose with a microphone would sound. As I rushed out the back door, in my sock feet but fully dressed for a change, I discovered...not a sick goose. Nope. The source of all the racket was 2 very loud love-sick buck goats blaring strong, emphatic, lusty cries. On the other side of their fence was a (seemingly) coy doe who was wagging her tail and batting her eyelashes in tune to the cries of the guys. Oh brother.

I'm not planning on breeding Ronnie til next month. Until then I'm not looking forward to the buck serenades and praying the fence holds. Last year the connecting gate broke and the unplanned breeding resulted in a game of "who's your daddy?" What a nightmare! Our whole goat plan had to be put on hold for another year to ensure our next milking doe has a dairy father. If things don't go as planned or we only get bucklings this time around, I'm going to have to buy a doe. (I might do that anyway just so we can have goat milk this year.)

In the meantime, anyone have an extra set of earplugs?


  1. You are very brave to have your goats sharing a fence line! I've had two fence line breedings that produced 3 of the most lovely doelings...we reorganized our little farm so there are NO shared fences between the boys and girls. It still gets noisy this time of year, but so far, no "break outs"...

    1. It's not the way I would prefer but finances have the upper hand right now. Someday...


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