Thursday, August 18, 2016

Simple Skills

We're more than halfway through 2016. This year has flown by! So far we've had the usual amount of ups and down: the mower broke, the garden fizzled, the critters multiplied, and the weather was unpredictable. Meanwhile, I've been working on some new simple skills. I've been taking a weekly guitar lesson, I took a spinning class, and I've been self teaching myself some plant identification.

The guitar lessons are for entertainment. I get a lot of joy from the music I'm learning to make. I've found that the practice time is more fun than watching a TV show and when I'm finished I have an inner calm. When I get a little better, I'll be able to entertain others, too!

The spinning class was great! I had one-on-one time with the teacher and she loaned me a spinning wheel to practice on. I've struggled with it on my own, mainly because I haven't dedicated enough time to it I suspect. Once the busy summer schedule calms down I hope to have more time for it. Or maybe I should have waited until the guitar lessons were finished. Anyway, I haven't given up on it. I will conquer this in time!

The plant identification skills are more for everyday homesteading. I have learned more about which yard "weeds" are safe to feed my rabbits. Doing this research has also introduced me to some safe and unsafe plants for human foraging. It's been very interesting and I've been able to save some money by cutting back on commercial rabbit pellets.

Later in the year we will probably have a small honey harvest. We didn't get our bees until late in the spring so we don't expect a lot of honey. But along with the honey will come beeswax. This is going to provide me with the chance to learn something else. Beeswax is an interesting substance and I'm going to have fun learning how to turn it into something useful!

So what have you learned so far this year? I'd love to hear about your experiences!


  1. Guitar lessons are on my list, I have a guitar and can play basics, I have learned how to grow our own mushrooms and how to milk goats I am sure there must be other things as well :-)

    1. Good for you! I love learning new things :)

    2. Mushrooms are on my list! Maybe next year :)


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