Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Problem Solving Rabbit Area

The yard should dry out enough to mow today! We've had some downpours lately that have put us into flash flood watches which I don't remember happening very often in August. Normally I try to get the mowing done on Thursday or Friday but this is the first day I've had the time while it's dry enough to do it in two weeks. But first I have to wait for the morning dew to dry up and that won't happen til 10am or after. So while I'm sitting around waiting for the grass to dry, I'm trying to problem solve a problem under the rabbit hutches.

I use a leaf rake to "sweep" the ground under the hutches to collect up the "raisins" into a shovel that I can dump into the wheel barrow. Always before I would put straw down to hold everything in place until Saturday cleaning day. But after a few losses of rabbits to predators (roaming dogs), we moved the hutches into the chicken run for protection. That plan worked and the fence has kept our rabbits safe ever since. But the chickens went straight for the straw to scratch away under the hutches. So I stopped putting it down there. The chickens still like to scratch for worms under the hutches and now the ground is starting to erode away from being cleaned and scratched up. It didn't seem like a big deal at first but soon the "raisins" started filling up the little dips and valleys. Each cleaning would require more aggressive raking and scratching the dirt to get it all.

This is what it looks in one spot after the first initial sweep of the rake. Not good!
Not only does that increase the amount of time it takes to clean, it's almost impossible to get it clean enough to keep the flies away. 

So I'm going to be searching for under hutch manure containment DIY projects today. I'm not a handy/dandy carpenter type of girl so I'll have to find plans with lots of pictures and step by step directions. And hopefully I'll be able to rig something up with materials we already have on hand. Trips for hardware supplies seldom go well for me. (For some odd reason salesmen in those stores expect you to know the proper name for the materials you're looking for!)  I'll keep ya posted.


  1. Wouldnt it work just standing the hutches on a sheet of wood or some paving slabs, look forward to seeing what you come up with

  2. How big is this area? Our old raised hutch when my mother had Flemish Giant was 4 x 8, She put down pallets, then a sheet of plywood with a 1x4 frame around it under the wire where they messed. She painted it with white wash and it was easy to clean with a scoop shovel. I hope this helps.


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