Saturday, August 27, 2016

Just For Fun

I'm sitting in my kitchen having the rare second cup of coffee and listening to loud claps of thunder before I head out to feed the critters. Don't worry- no animals are starving. With the threat of bad weather in the forecast, yesterday I put out a little extra for the chickens and the rabbits and goats have hay to munch on. Speaking of hay.... since we're a small homestead we use square bales and fill the feeders as needed. That means I tote flakes of hay from storage to pens or cages every other day or so. It's not a hard chore but it can be pretty messy as pieces of loose hay drift/float/STICK to all clothing and body parts on the journey. It's especially tenacious on days when I'm sweaty or wet from rain! So while I am sitting here hoping the lights don't go out, I thought up a silly song about the hay battle I'm going to have later. If you want to sing along, it works best to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell."

The Loose Hay Battle
Loose hay in my hair, loose hay in my hair
It's always there, I shan't despair 
Loose hay in my hair

Loose hay pokes my eye, loose hay pokes my eye
Where can I be, I cannot see
Loose hay pokes my eye

Loose hay up my nose, loose hay up my nose
I have to sneeze, cough, and wheeze
Loose hay up my nose

Loose hay in my mouth, loose hay in my mouth
Won't make me sick but still tastes ick
Loose hay in my mouth.

Loose hay in my bra, loose hay in my bra
Poke or itch, I dare not twitch
Loose hay in my bra

Loose hay down my back, loose hay down my back
Help me out, it's headed south
Loose hay down my back

Loose hay in my boot, loose hay in my boot
Remove with care, I'll have to sweep there
Loose hay in my boot


  1. LOL! I smell what you're steppin' in! With this hot humid Florida air, I MUST shower after making my rounds or I won't stop itching EVERYWHERE from the hay. Have a blessed day.

    1. Florida humidity is like Indiana humidity on steroids! Stay cool!

  2. My pocket's full of hay, My pocket's full of hay
    I fed these goats a week ago
    And found this just today!

    1. You're on my team! I hope more people add verses, yours is spot on!


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