Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to the Daily Grind

 What a break we had! We co-hosted my mom's 70th birthday party, and had family in and out. So much fun! We made banana bread with a niece and played board games til late in the night. We chased lightning bugs and visited the local celebrity's (Red Skelton) museum. It was so quiet yesterday after everyone headed for home, so DH and I took off for a few hours to find some geocaches and unwind.

 This morning he headed back to work and I adjusted to doing the chores by myself. We've had tons several inches of rain lately so some of the more intense jobs- mucking and weeding- have been put on hold. I'll have to get it done (rain or shine) within the next few days but I'm hoping the sun will come back before then. Meanwhile, I'm donning rain gear or changing into dry clothes after a short time outside today. Maybe I should start looking for boat building materials!

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