Monday, July 25, 2016

Who Doesn't Love...

brand new socks? Ooh the squishy-ness of those. If you are aiming for a simpler lifestyle, the things you take pleasure in will likely change. Expensive vacations and fancy new toys will fade into the memory of yesterdays when material things were important.

My own tastes have changed since I found an awareness of how complicated my lifestyle was. First of all, I no longer have a desire to traipse all over a mall looking for the one outfit I can pick up for a half weeks wages. Now, my favorite shops are the thrift stores. Not only do I feel better about buying clothes for less money but it's also an entertaining treasure hunt. The thrill of the find can be so addicting! I've saved hundreds of dollars in the last few years and I've gotten some great deals on the stuff in the small appliance sections as well.

My hobbies are reflecting the drift from materialism, too. Where once I would have stacks of books and magazines cluttering up my space, now there are just a treasured few. The rest of them I purchase in an electronic format for a much smaller price. I've taken up geocaching as a way to spend time outdoors for the small yearly price of the app. Instead of buying a new music CD every whip-stitch, I've found a very reasonably priced guitar instructor and get many hours of enjoyment making my own musical entertainment.

We still splurge for a date night at the movies once or twice a year, if there is one showing that we really want to experience in a theater setting. But mainly our tv/film watching is obtained through the internet or free public television. At one time, our monthly satellite programming was well over $100/month. Now we keep the screen fees under $20 by utilizing streaming services. Home popped popcorn is so much better and you can't beat the comfort of your own couch.

What about taking vacations and getting away from it all? Sure we take off for a day or two here and there. But the funny thing is- I can't wait to get back home. When DH is home from work and we are doing things together on our little place, that. is. my. fun. time. period. I love it and don't want it to end! Weird, huh? I never dreamed I would feel that way after years of planning for every spare chance to get away I could find.

Now I discover so much enjoyment from so many odd little things. Yesterday I played with kittens and baby rabbits. Today I got a rush from a brand new pair of socks. Simple is good!


  1. Life is good and if you can take enjoyment from your home and surroundings then who needs constant trips away and nights out, I havent been to the cinema for years happy being at home, love my home life it brings a lot of joy :-)

  2. Must.Have.Kitten.Pictures.Please.


  3. New socks are pretty awesome! So are kittens:)


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