Friday, July 1, 2016

Eggs For Supper

Some friends gifted me their empty egg cartons this week!
To be honest, at first I wasn't excited to get them- they tend to pile up. But then I thought of the 6 hens that will start to lay sometime in the next couple of months and reminded myself how fast the eggs will be adding up then. How quickly we forget when the layers aren't laying yet! While I was thinking about it, I also remembered that I will soon be adding eggs to a lot more of our meals. I hunted up the egg section in my favorite recipe book and was glad to see this one: Eggs Poached in Tomatoes. I haven't made it in quite a while but it sure sounds good now! DH will be travelling home this evening for the holiday weekend. Since it's impossible to guestimate what time he will arrive, this will be a nice quick supper I can throw together at the last minute!


  1. I swear, I was just complaining about how MANY egg cartons I had stacked in the laundry room, and now, they're GONE! The seem to collect in the winter & then spring comes around & I can't get enough. We're eating LOTS of eggs and squash right now. Eating in season!

  2. I never turn down free egg cartons, even the odd-ball sizes like 18s or flats. I strongly encourage others to keep their cartons clean and bring them back to me, too!!!! Yes, I have a spare closet full of them....


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