Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Chores

We finally got some rain last night! My garden and berry bushes will be so happy! On the other hand, I'm kinda miserable.

When DH is gone I like to get up really early and get as much of the outside stuff done before the summer heat takes it toll as I can. Today I overslept a little so I didn't make it out til about 7:30. Since it poured last night, I had to wear rubber boots to work in. It didn't take long for those to feel like a personal foot sauna! The actual temperature was in the low 70's and it should have been really pleasant working. But when the humidity level is 83% and the dew point is 71.... it's stuffy and feels really warm. The "real feel" according to my weather app was 81 and climbing!

We lost some baby bunnies to the heat this week so I've been spending extra time making sure the rest are comfortable. This was momma's first kindling and she's been super vigilant about her babies. I don't think she realizes they shouldn't have a heavy nest in the summer so every night she fills it up. Thus every morning I have to remove the excess fur and make sure her feed doesn't contain any nesting materials. I watch her munch on her hay and take away anything she hasn't eaten after about 15 minutes- otherwise she stashes it on the babies.

Normally I do the scoop pooping poop scooping on Saturday mornings but my knee wouldn't cooperate this weekend. Today was a lower pain day so I got the chicken coop and under the rabbit cages scooped and strawed along with the normal feeding. By the time I was finished (it took about an hour to do all that) I was soaked in sweat and needed a break! But now, except for a quick water refresher in the afternoon, my outside chores are done for the day. I feel really bad for anyone who has to work outside all day in these conditions- and it makes me appreciate my utility workers and road crews a little more!

 Now I intend to get some work done in an air conditioned environment. It's the perfect day to get my semi-annual bulk shopping done. I'll have to drive about 140 miles round trip in my air conditioned car, listening to my oldies favorites on the radio, to get to a wholesale club. And since I'll be gone so long, a nice coffee shop stop will be in order. Maybe I'll even get time to sneak in a thrift store visit.
These summer chores can be grueling, I tell ya! :)

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