Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mixed Bag of Emotions!

It was a bumpy ride of a weekend and new week. Things are settled down now so I can try to recap.

After I left you Thursday, I had to rush our 15 year old beagle, Chase, to the vet. The diagnosis was not good and the vet recommended we put him down. Since he wasn't yet in a lot of pain, I made the decision to bring him home for the weekend to give the family a chance to say goodbye.

Friday was DH's birthday. We spent a good part of the day spoiling the dog. He was struggling but not complaining so we left for a few hours in the evening to see a small musical the local theater was presenting and for a nice steak dinner.

By Saturday morning we knew the time had come to ease Chase over the rainbow before his struggle turned to suffering. DS#3 met us at the vet's office and afterwards came back to the house with us. We laid the sweet dog to rest under a tree with his favorite blanket. The tears flowed all day and still come every time a memory sneaks up on us. The only comfort is knowing there is no suffering for him.

Sunday morning brought Father's Day. After church, we met the some of the kids in Evansville to take DH on a tour of the LST memorial museum. He'd been wanting to see it for ages and, judging by the smile on his face, really enjoyed it. (Pictures at bottom of post.) It was a very warm day so we hit the Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt afterwards.

I normally would have some kind of blog post to share on Monday morning. But this particular day I spent prepping for a colonoscopy on Tuesday. So most of the day went down the toilet. (Sorry for the bad joke- groan!!)

Now that the procedure is over (all is well) and I feel like I'm back in the land of the living- let's hope that things settle into a calmer, boring summer!

Pictures of LST tour:


  1. Oh no a sad time but you did the right thing I am so glad you al had a chance to say goodbye

    1. We're glad, too. He lived a long, happy life here.


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