Friday, June 24, 2016


Wednesday and Thursday mornings I raced to get all the outside stuff done early in the mornings, first to beat the terrible heat but also because storm clouds gathered. I didn't want to get caught in a downpour! I hate drying my clothes indoors in the summer time but I had to do some before the laundry mountain collapsed. And then... it didn't rain. Not one drop.

I don't want to start thinking "drought" yet, but some weather reporters have started tossing around the idea of a possibility of one. I still shudder at the memories of 2012. We lost most of the garden because I was afraid to water it. Our well didn't go dry but I wasn't sure if it would and I needed to make sure all of the critters were watered. Finding hay was a nightmare. Now the garden is starting to look very dry so I watered it yesterday for the first time in June. Normally, with our heavy straw mulch, I don't even think about watering it until July. Some years I've not had to water it at all.

We've just started getting a few things here and there to harvest, a handful of beans, a few tomatoes, a head of cabbage... Hopefully the weather will turn around before I need to worry about losing produce.

The heat has started to affect the animals, too. The chickens are showing less interest in scratching stuff up and fight for a place to grab pellets when I feed them. The rabbits have stopped eating pellets but race for the hay I give them in the early mornings. 

Our new doe kindled for the first time today. I have been checking on her a lot the last few days, worried about the heat and her inexperience. When I found her this morning with a satisfied look on her face and 10 (yes, 10!!)  healthy kits in the nest box perfectly covered in fur, I was ecstatic. Hopefully she will prove to be as good a mom as her mother!

On the plus side- All this dry weather has slowed the grass growth. So I'm able to stay in out of the heat instead of mowing right now. I've spent some of my free time reading Ashfall by Mike Mullin. It's a quick, young adult read, the first book in a trilogy, about what could happen if the Yellowstone volcano erupted. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it books. I think the next book I check out will be under the "how to do a rain dance" category.

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