Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday Marriage Tip- Road Maps

We're working on our 32nd year of marriage. Along the journey, I've picked up some little tidbits of wisdom that I try to keep in mind to make the way easier. I've decided to share them with you- free of charge!- on Mondays. Here is number 4: 

Take Mission Trips!

 Homesteading is an ongoing (ad)venture. There are times when hard decisions come and changes must be made. It's important to make sure you are always on the same the same book...heading to the same goal.

 Every once in a while, DH will mention something in passing or a thought of the future will cross MY mind and one of us will be left wondering if the path we are on has veered. It can get a little rocky or even become a huge bump in the road if it isn't well communicated and agreed upon. Nobody likes to feel uncertain about a journey and having a road map can be a major comfort! Sure, YOU may know exactly how you want to get from A to B but if your partner isn't in on the route planning, are they really a partner? What if their map looks completely different than the one you are carrying? Trying to homestead with 2 different plans will quickly turn into a headache, if not a heartache!

Drifting can be exciting short term but it quickly leads to insecure feelings and doubts. The first part of "homesteading" is "home" which means all of your marriage assets are wrapped up in this plan. Mission trips are a great way to remind each other of your commitment.

 So every once in a while, take a mission trip. Sit down with a good cup of something, hold hands or snuggle on the couch, and talk about where you're going. Discuss what you each want the destination to look like, how long it will take to get there, what you will face along the way, the role each of you will play, Have a plan! Even better? Write it down. Pull out that map and check on the progress of your journey. The reassurance of mutual goals is an important part of trust and security building. 


  1. This is such a truth! Ralph and I usually discuss the long haul if we are going somewhere or o a rainy day. It helps us keep focused and aware of what we are doing and if we need to adjust, modify or return to the path.

    1. Rainy days are perfect for catching up!


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