Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Marriage Tip- Funny Stuff

We're working on our 32nd year of marriage. Along the journey, I've picked up some little tidbits of wisdom that I try to keep in mind to make the way easier. I've decided to share them with you- free of charge!- on Mondays. Here is number 3: 

Laugh it Up

Busy! We've been so busy! It took us 2 days to get a simple fence around our garden to keep the chickens out. But the extra time was necessary. We measured and planned and sweated (yay! the sun is back!)  to run a fence that can be easily moved next year to the dormant half of the garden. We also put in the last of the squashes, melon, pumpkin, cucumbers, okra, and luffa. We used up the last of the straw in storage (6 bales) to mulch everything but that wasn't enough, we'll need to get more.

Meanwhile, my bum leg and back have been screaming at me to STOP. The pain is indescribable. And when you're in pain, it's easy to let your joy escape. But having a spouse who helps to lighten your mood can be a real game changer. For instance, this morning while we were going over the list of things to do today, my DH -out of the blue- started talking in Spanish. He actually only knows three or four words of the language. The rest HE MADE UP. He had me laughing so hard that I totally forgot about the aches and pains. A dreaded day got turned into a fun one just from a few minutes of laughter. A sense of humor isn't in everyone's personality profile, but making a little effort to lighten up your spouse's mood when the going is tough, is so worth the effort!


  1. Hola el spousea! Yeeicks who knows what I said .....

  2. That is funny! Having a sense of humor and the desire to share it does make a world of difference, especially in the hard times.

    1. He's also been known to pull out his "Donald Duck voice" when needed. I can't frown when that happens!

    2. You know it's love when "Donald" shows up!

  3. I am glad that my husband and I can laugh together. Quite often it is over something one of us does! I am sorry about your back and leg. Hubby has a pinched nerve which hurts in his back and leg and wondered if that is what you have? Hope you feel better soon! Nancy


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