Monday, May 2, 2016

Indiana in May

As a general rule, Indiana is a great place to live. It's green in the summer with a little white in the winter. Spring and autumn are pretty and (usually) mild with just enough thunderstorms to break up the monotony. We have great farmland and small towns and patriotic pride.

In May the corn pops up and the irises bloom. The stores are full of Memorial Day flowers and picnic supplies. The schools are starting to wind down and students are looking forward to the pools opening and summer jobs. We have a lot of state parks and the campground reservations are starting to fill up. Weekends bring the sounds of freshly tuned lawnmowers and motorcycles.  House windows are open day and night.  

May 3 is our primary election day and this year the world's eyes are on Indiana. It's kind of exciting being the center of attention but I will be glad when it's over. I won't politicize my blog. But I will say the state of our country has me glad that I have started on this path of homesteading. I feel more connected to our land and better able to take care of myself if times get hard.

Oh yeah! One other big thing happens on May 3! DS #1 turns 32! This picture was on a visit home, to Indiana. He thought he could teach me how to use that bow but I couldn't even pull back on it! He's far away serving his country right now but if by chance he checks in to see Mom's blog- Happy Birthday!

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  1. We have had our Primary....voter turn out in our county was a whopping 30%. How can we fix things if we don't vote? Good luck with your big day!


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