Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I could go on and on about the endless rain...and the record low high temps...and all the good bad it's doing my achy joints. I could. But I won't. (I can hear your sigh of relief, ahem.) Let's just focus on some of the beauty I've captured on the homestead the last couple weeks.
 Bloom where you're planted!

Aaand one confused cat 


  1. Replies
    1. LOL I hope this doesn't cause bathroom identity issues!

  2. Hi Hoosier Girl,

    Landscaping looks great and the variety shows the effort you've put into it. At the moment we have two varieties. 1) Dead. 2)Seriously in need of some 'discipline'.

    We're in the midst of the only seasonably warm and dry days in a month, so the garden is getting dibs on our time.

    As for the cat.... Don't quite know what to say.... :)

  3. Thankfully it has been nice here the past couple of days! Your flowers are pretty. Especially like the pink ones! Maybe the cat was looking for an egg for breakfast! Nancy


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