Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Lay of the Land- One Acre Homestead

When I'm in a homesteading forum or Facebook group, lots of times I'll see posts questioning what all can be done on small properties. I always chime in that we homestead on one acre. Invariably they will want to know what we have. So I reply, "we have poultry, rabbits, goats, fruit trees, a garden, and we are adding bees this year." Lots of times folks ask me for pictures of how we have all these things set up. It happened again last week. So I went out and tried to get pictures that would really show how we are laid out. I found it really impossible to get a good feel of where things were.

So I sat down and  tried to make a simple drawing using Microsoft Paint to lay things out. It's not to exact scale but, after some editing help from DH, we feel it gives a good representation of our property and how much space we use- and don't use yet. Paint is a hard program to make edits to drawings and I'm not a techie graphic designer, so please excuse the unprofessional look. And because some things are so small (trees, bushes, etc..) not everything is labeled. Not every single tree is in the drawing, only the ones that produce fruit or essential shade. I'm happy to answer any questions that come up after you've had a look.


  1. Nice layout. I told Ralph when we started the land hunt that we could make do on a small property, We could have too as we did quite a bit on the small lot in Virginia. He wanted 50 acres but now loves the amount of freedom our 15 acres is giving us. It is the attempt that is the key! The more you try the more you can do!

    1. That's right! We could move to a bigger property but at 50 we would soon be wishing to downsize. It's so SATISFYING to make what you have work!

  2. Great layout. I have 5 acres here and keep meaning to do a plan ut never get round to it!

  3. Hi Hoosier Girl! I've always wondered how you managed all that good homesteading on the 1 acre, too. Thanks for the diagram! We have 2 acres, with a bit less going on. I'm thinking it might be fun to put together one of our plan.


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