Monday, April 11, 2016

Summer Footwear

I love my winter homestead foot gear! It's warm, sturdy, and...well, warm.

But summer days are coming (sooner or later) and I'll be looking for something a little cooler to wear when I'm mowing and gardening and running around.

So, ladies (and gents if they're inclined, this isn't a bathroom survey) here's the survey of the day:
Are you team flip flop or Croc?
I have always been a flip flop fan (say that fast, 7 times!) Some summers I would go thru 3 or 4 pairs. I had to have a nice, squishy pair for comfort in town- hello, hot concrete! The rest of them could be drug store 99 cent specials. Half of one pair would hide under my bed even though I looked there 23 times through the summer. Another pair would get tossed because the inbetweenthetoethingy would be turned the wrong way, causing blisters, or came out of the sole. My daughter would borrow at least one pair- that would be the last time I saw those. And finally there would be one pair that fit just right and would spend the summer with chicken crapola on the bottom. If I got really lucky there would be two pair like that- one for each door!

But flip flops do have their faults. If you forget and wear them into the goat pen, you're going to sport a hoof bruise on the top of your foot for a few days. Plus no self-respecting chicken will pass up a chance to peck the red polish off a toenail. And that poop that collects on the bottom of the shoe? Well, let's just say that sometimes it creeps over the sides and on up to the top. So when I'm doing outdoor chores, I find myself ditching the flip flops and hunting up the boots...which are hot. 

I'm not saying I'm going to convert to the Croc side. I'm just wondering what every other farm girl wears, and why.
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  1. CROC! I love barefeet most of all, at least when I can in the garden or on the lawn....ahh but the things we have to wash off our feet. Crocs do get kind of gunk inside, I wash mine and give them a light bleach rinse now and then.


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