Friday, April 1, 2016

Safety Glasses

Nothing makes me madder (well not much, anyway) than to see someone doing any kind of work without eye protection.  So today I am going to throw out a plea to everyone reading this: 


I started wearing glasses due to near-sided vision and astigmatism when I was 7. My prescription changed about every 6 months and by the time I was 12, the eye doctor warned my parents that without the help of contact lenses I would be blind before I reached 18. Contacts cost an arm and a leg back then. Although they had been around a while, I had never met anyone who wore them. Gas permeable and soft contacts hadn't even been invented yet. Hard ones were the only option. Fortunately I was able to get those when I was 16 and my steady decline in vision was slowed greatly. But I remember the fear of losing my sight altogether. It's something that too many people take for granted.

Just yesterday, I was feeding the buck goats and Dilly decided I wasn't dumping the feed in the trough fast enough. He showed his displeasure in the typical goat fashion by butting me. Normally a head butt from him doesn't actually come into contact with me. But this time he butted up just as I leaned down- and he caught me in the left lens of my glasses. If I hadn't been wearing those glasses, he could have punctured my eye with his horn- not a pleasant thought! Sure I have another eye, but having family who has lost an eye to glaucoma and one who has amblyopia, I know that I'd rather have 2.

So here it is, April Fools Day. I planned to make up a story and fool everyone with the black eye I thought I would get from my glasses rim being rammed into my face. But the injury wasn't that bad after all. So I take the opportunity to share this lesson- all joking aside- please, protect your eyes.


  1. Glad to hear you had no nasty repercussions from this, animals can often catch you unawares, I have learned the hard way stay clear of back legs and swinging heads

  2. Hearing Protection is also a must....I ran an open air diesel tractor for years, used livestock clippers and blowers casually with no ear protection. We simply do not take care of the great gifts we have of sight and hearing. Ralph and I faithfully use ear protection when we use the Grillo and the saws, and safety goggles over our glasses when we chop wood or grind things. Excellent post. It is not something we discuss enough.

  3. Hi Hoosier Girl! 'Amen' to both. I wear trifocals and two hearing aids with one ear almost bad enough they don't bother with aids. Gotta protect what I have left!


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