Monday, April 4, 2016

Oops- Help!

Well, now, who wants milk anyway? That's the question I've been asking myself this week. Our little doeling, who now has been named Midge, turned 3 weeks old on the 31st of March. When the kids turn 3 weeks old, I like to start milking. At that age I've seen them start nibbling on hay and weeds and I can tell whether they have gotten a good start on mom's milk. Little Midge is definitely healthy! But mom (Ronnie) is not producing very much milk. And that is probably due to error on my part.

I didn't take into account the new circumstances with this kidding: one kid compared to the twins or triplets of the past and a smaller breed at that. So Ronnie hasn't needed to make as much milk for this one little Midge(t.) I've only managed to get a few spoonfuls out of one side and about a cup out of the other each day.

Since our property is small and we don't have a barn (where stalls would be) I can't separate mom and kid. So I have started teat taping to prevent nursing at night. I've also upped the amount of grain Ronnie gets each day and I make sure to fully empty both sides of her udder when I milk.

I know her peak time hasn't arrived yet but I'd like to make sure it is good when it gets here. Anyone want to share tips on how to increase a goat's milk production?

**edited to add- Ronnie gets free choice grass hay and alfalfa pellets everyday. On the milkstand she gets approx a pound of oats with 2 hands full of BOSS. After milking I give her 2 or 3 Tums for a good job treat (with calcium.)


  1. A lot of folks swear by alfalfa to increase milk production, and I have to say I've seen this as well. I used to use alfalfa pellets, but switched to Chaffhaye, which my goats love. Your so right about kid demand and supply, so maybe if you just keep at it she'll increase production!

    1. I'm not going down without a fight! LOL

  2. We use pure alfalfa or alfalfa rich hay for all our nursing ewes. Can't say how well it works because, well, we never milk em ourselves except for those rare occasions we need some colostrum early on. Sheep are not easy to milk :(


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