Thursday, March 10, 2016

Who's Your Daddy?

We got a new little tail wagger! Ronnie kidded sometime in the wee hours this morning. I was up til midnight dashing in and out of the rain to her little shed, checking on her. She really did not want me around and about 12:30 I dozed off. When I went back out at 6:30 this morning, there was one little girl on the ground- dry, clean, and warm- and one proud mama looking over her. I was surprised there was only one since she has always had 2 or 3 babies in the past. Since it was raining her companion wether was also in the shed. I did a little chasing and cornering and sliding in the mud and finally got him into the buck pen.

Speaking of bucks, the original plan was to breed Ronnie to Dilly, our Nigerian Dwarf buck. But the day after that planned "date" the gate between the two pens broke. So Moose, our Pygmy buck, also got a "date" with her. I'm not really sure which guy got the deed done, the kid looks like both of them. Hmmm

Today I will leave mama and kid alone as much as possible. Tomorrow I will be taking all kinds of pictures to share here. Maybe y'all can help me figure out who the daddy is.


  1. congratulations and welcome to the new addition looking forward to seeing some pics :-)

  2. Put a helmet on them and listen to which one says "Kid. I am your father"

    It could happen :)

    Gratz on the new baby!!!!


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