Monday, March 28, 2016

Planning For the Future

It seems strange to think of retirement planning. Just yesterday we were 20something with 4 kids and no sleep and a minivan. I close my eyes and I see diaper rash, a first Christmas, marching band trips, soccer practice, girl scout cookie sales, track meets, academic competitions, boy scout camps, slumber parties, birthday parties,... somebody's grounded, lost their tooth, has a fever, has a crush, got a speeding ticket, lost a friend,... needs a hug, a spanking, batteries, gas money, new drumsticks, a ride,... 

And now we are here....50...still young enough to enjoy fun times together but knowing how time flies by so fast, preparing for the days when slowing down won't be an option. 

We had a whirlwind of working around here while DH was home the past week. But in the short bursts of down time, some talk of the future popped up. Are we going to stay on our little place or move on to bigger property to expand our homesteading when DH is off the road? Will we need a different home or can we adapt the one we have for aging disabilities? What is the plan for the one left behind when it comes time for one of us to leave this earth? All hard questions and not all answered yet, but the time for addressing them has come.

The security of having a road map on a journey is so important and life is the longest, hardest, and most rewarding journey of all. Road blocks and detours have a way of taking our eyes off the route we map out. But having each other to remind us why we are going a certain direction makes for great traveling companionship!

Side Note:
I've been working on a 1 Second Everyday video to document my first year of being 50. I started it on my birthday in January and I look forward to sharing it with you when the year is up!

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  1. What a neat idea - the video. I would love to see it.


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