Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Litter of Kits

Yesterday evening I found a small amount of fur that mama rabbit had pulled in the nesting box. I knew then she would be kindling soon.

Sure enough, this morning there was a lot more fur in the box. 

I gently shifted the fur aside and discovered the litter of kits! There are eight, I think, the same number she's had the last 3 times.

I'm so impressed with the way this doe handles pregnancy, kindling, and raising her young that I've saved back a doe from her last litter in the hopes that she will also be a good mama.

It's such a relief when you can rely on your brood doe. We've especially learned that this year as our mamas (chicken, goat, and rabbit) are aging and we are preparing their successors. Being on a small property and furnishing meat, milk, and eggs for only two people, adds an extra desire to not waste too much time or money on anything that might not be productive in its job.


  1. Lovely, we have considered rabbits but it will have to wait until hubby is here full time, we have no wild rabbit around us the buzzards have wiped them out

    1. Of all our critters, the rabbits are my favorite. We get good returns on meat, I can forage for the main bulk of their feed, caging is simple....


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