Thursday, March 3, 2016

March- In Like a Lion

Tuesday morning, bright and early, I made my way in a raging wind and thunderstorm to the local hospital for a routine screening mammogram. When that bit of fun was over, I went to get my teeth cleaned. Who schedules these two things on the same day? Evidently I do.

Wednesday morning, bright and early, I picked up my mother in-law and drove her 60ish miles to a doctor's appointment. After waiting half an hour to see the doctor for 5 minutes, we turned around and drove 60ish miles back home. It was trying- you'd have to know my mother in-law to understand. Just trust me.

Today I left the house bright and early to go to WalMart. (Are you starting to catch on to the torture theme of this post, yet?) I--GASP-- ran out of cat food. There was a very unhappy kitty helping me out the door this time. It started raining when I turned in to the parking lot and was sleeting and snowing as I walked to the entrance. While I was there, I grabbed some groceries. I about fainted with sticker shock when I picked up a package of chicken breasts. It was the first time I'd bought ANY grocery store chicken since 2011. Wow! That put me in a "fowl" mood for sure! Luckily the sleet had stopped while I was shopping.

This week is not going down in the record books (or anywhere else for that matter)- I just want to forget it ever happened and move on. After I get all these groceries put away, I'm going to go downstairs and plant some seeds while I listen to the fluffy butts cheep!

So, March, you've had your fun with me. It's time to settle down and be a good little lamb from here on out!


  1. Not a good week for you, I am back online again, so catching up on your posts :-)

  2. Holy smoke you have had a time of it! I have been trying recipes to make our own cat food and can it...from the chicken bits and even one batch I tried with chicken breast, Okay we have the one cat in the world that prefers dry cat food to real chicken. I had three pints of experimental cat food she turned her nose up at! I could have sent it to you! :)


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