Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Need a Nap!

I'm not a napping kind of girl. In fact, staying in bed too long causes me MORE aches and pains. BUT...

My DH has been home for 4 straight days and it looks like he will be here for 4 more. And I'm beat! So far we have moved the pullets into the coop, fixed the lawnmower, visited a sick relative who lives an hour away, celebrated DD's birthday and replaced 2 bad light fixtures. (Guess who got to hold the flashlight and make the birthday arrangements and find this one bolt and "stay here in case I need something!")

On top of that I've sat with a sick grandma waiting for tests at the hospital, sanitized and put the milking kit back into use, washed and hung out two loads of bedding and the normal laundry backup when DH comes home with dirty work clothes, taken a sick dog to the vet, and rearranged the whole setup of garden starts according to lighting needs, We've had to eat out a couple times but there's been lots of home cooking also (guess who gets to do the meal cleanup!)

My normal routine is a bust.  My guitar practice is on hold. My reading list isn't getting checked off.  We are "running out of time!" and there is "a lot to be done!" And there is no time for blogging (shh, I'm hiding right now!) I'll be back soon... maybe just a little snooze first!


  1. oh dear look on the bright side those little jobs are getting done

  2. Just when we think we are busy! Take care of yourself!


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