Monday, March 14, 2016

Eenie, Meenie,...

I finally got a chance to get some baby goat pictures! Like I said before, the gate broke on the buck pen the day after the planned breeding and I walked out to find both bucks in with the doe the next morning. And now I'm playing "Who's Your Daddy?" Anybody want to take a guess at which buck gets to pass out the cigars? I have no idea!

First: the bucks. Both are miniatures, Moose is a Pygmy and Dilly is a Nigerian Dwarf. Dilly is the planned sire because I wanted a new dairy doeling. We keep Moose for meat babies.
Moose on your left, Dilly on your right

And now: Ronnie (the doe) along with her adorable, bouncy kid

 I know absolutely nothing about goat genetics. Who passes on what and which is dominant? For what it's worth, Dilly has blue eyes and the kid has brown. And we have bred Moose to Ronnie before. That resulted in some kids having the brown inner legs, belt, and eye markings like mama goat while others didn't.

So, I believe we have an unsolvable mystery. But it is fun to try and guess. Be my guest to join in! Meanwhile the men are trying to work it out the old fashioned way:

Silly boys! Around here, you're all Hoosier Daddies!


  1. perhaps they both have a share, our does were put to a white billy and the kids are white champange fawn and brown, both does are brown sorry that dosent help you much, I think Dilly is the dad :-)

  2. Dilly is the daddy---that's my guess! The baby looks like a Nigerian Dwarf to me. You can have a DNA test done without spending much money. They need Hair samples from mom, baby, and one of the dads. Color patterns in Nigerian Dwarf goats are part of their FUN----you never know what you're going to get!
    Is the new kid a doe or a buck????


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