Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weather Break

The last few weeks have been miserably cold outside and I really dreaded chore time. I only did the bare minimum and it seemed to take longer to get dressed for the cold than the actual chores...coveralls and toboggans and gloves and wool socks, oh my. By the time I got all that on, I'd worked up a sweat and my arms stuck out like a zombie when I walked.
It looks like a break is coming, though! I'm planning on scrubbing buckets and scooping non-frozen poop piles and getting everything ready so I can enjoy the next blast from the north, whenever it comes. I also have some mud-tracked floors to clean thanks to the thaw and 8 little paws!
That's what I like about my Indiana weather. Sure it gets cold and we have ice and snow. It's a nice break from the worms and mosquitoes. But we get some above freezing weather, also. It's perfect for cleaning up wasted hay and goat berries and chicken perches and rabbit cages. I can run water without worrying about frostbite.

The winner of the Pickle Pebbles giveaway was announced yesterday.

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