Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Root Veggies

 I was gifted a whole bunch of turnips last week. So I whipped up a pan of mashed turnips for a side dish one night. Then I hit the internet looking for recipes that use turnips. I found a few more ways to use them as a side dish, au gratin, roasted, etc... But I only ran across one for a main dish, a really good one for a turnip sausage stew. I made that today and it was delicious- warm, hearty, and filling! I doubled the recipe and put 2 quarts in the freezer for future cold nights. But I had to buy carrots and potatoes and onions to go in it it. Now I have turnips and potatoes and carrots and onions to spare. I know they all store well so they aren't going to go to waste. But I am curious if anyone has a special recipe they'd like to share using these wonderful root veggies.

My 500th blog post is fast approaching- be watching for a giveaway to celebrate!


  1. I just like turnips mashed. With butter.

  2. I love root vegetables, especially turnips and beets! I also like turnips mashed with butter, but sometimes I have turnips and carrots together, mashed with butter. Delicious. :)

  3. Now are they turnips or sweede, what they call turnip in England we called sweede in Scotland and vice versa, we always had turnips otherwise known as neeps mashed served it potatoes and haggis, they are good to add to soups as well :-)


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