Thursday, January 7, 2016

Projects at Various Stages

As I'm reading through other homesteading blogs, I get mental images of cozy cabins and cottages with fires roaring, women kneading bread and knitting, and men rushing in with armloads of wood to put in the fire while their favorite armchair and whittling project awaits. And then I give myself a shake and look around at all the work going on here and I KNOW those bloggers are either super prepared or just giving a tiny peek into their lives. Because y'all. The work just  does. not. stop.

Yesterday, DH spent hours reading books and watching a DVD on beekeeping. Today, the weather is calm and our temps have risen up into the lower 50s. So DH is outside cutting branches on the apple trees and burning the massive pile of brush we've been saving for a non-windy day. Tomorrow we are heading to the Amish auction to try to replace all the chickens we have lost to dog attacks this year. Saturday the bunnies will be weaning age so I will be taking them (2 per day) to their grow out cage. And next week, when the temps are supposed to plummet again, I'll be pulling all of the frozen tomatoes out of the freezer to make and can tomato sauce and salsa. Because I don't like to use a bunch of propane in the hot summer, I wait until it's so cold our heat pump would be using it anyway to heat our home and can it all up then.

And that's not all. No sir.  Wasted hay and poop get scooped year round. Feed gets bought and toted. Watering buckets get scrubbed. The chainsaw gets sharpened, wooden tool handles get replaced, machinery gets oiled, batteries get recharged and replaced....

We've also been getting prepared for spring! Already, I know!

Here we have a shelf full of preparation for spring projects. There's a dehydrator for the mint that I am going to start drying for tea, some of DH's new beekeeping gear for the bees that are due to arrive in April, and an old slow cooker that was bound for the garbage until I decided to save it for my beginning soap making trials.

I expect by February this work will start to seem like old business and we will all be drooling over seed catalogs and comparing coffee cakes to muffins- personally I prefer coffee cake- while we wish for spring. But we haven't got there, yet.


  1. I was about to ask who's blog you had been reading, yes its never ending the work but I would rather be busy than sat bored in front of the TV.

  2. Ha, work is definitely never ending. I was one of those toting in wood today, walking dogs, and so forth. I am getting ready to order the last order of seeds for next spring's garden too.


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