Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hot Stuff!

Have you read the Mother Earth New's article about Fire Cider? I had never heard of it before but since I'm always interested in ways to naturally support my immune system, I decided to have a go at it.
Fire Cider, day 1

The directions were a little vague on how much cayenne pepper to add. Because I only had some dried peppers from 2014 on hand, I liberally added 2 whole peppers. Oops.

It's supposed to sit for 3-4 weeks but I was feeling stuffy today so I decided to sample it to see how it was going. The taste wasn't too off-putting but I can attest that the "fire" in the name is apt! Wowee. It wasn't so hot that I couldn't drink it but I believe I will halve the amount of pepper next time! 

Week 3 will end on January 8 and I will begin a daily regimen of the cider then. And since I have a better grasp on the taste, I can safely start a second batch now without worrying about wasting ingredients on something I won't drink. 

So how about you? What homemade concoctions do you use for health purposes? I'll let you know how the fire cider works for me. If you've used it, please share your experience.


  1. sounds interesting, I must admit I am no good at taking things on a regular basis,I start with good intentions then fall by the wayside, If I feel a cold coming on I take echinacia, I am not a pop a pill type person I want to learn more about herbal and natural medicine

  2. I got a friend who makes a concoction called "super-tonic" her family swears by for the cold and flu season. It's got cider vinegar, garlic, peppers, and a bunch of other stuff like that in it. I haven't made any yet, but like the idea of having my first stop for treating my usual winter grunge illnesses not be prednisone and antibiotics

  3. I made this for the first time last fall. I'm putting it in tomato juice. I will definitely make it again.


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