Saturday, January 9, 2016

Homestead Romance

We were very rushed all day yesterday. DH had his annual blood work drawn at the medical center while I took my grandmother to the eye doctor to have temporary tear duct plugs inserted. Then he came home to feed and water the critters and repair a pet carrier while I picked up my mom's medicine at the pharmacy and ran to check on her. He worked on some other repairs while I fixed a frozen pizza for lunch. Then we hurried around finishing up some last minute stuff before we took off for the Amish auction. Fixing dinner was out of the question so we stopped for a fast food chicken dinner on the way.

When we got to the auction, we found the line for bidding numbers unusually short. We even had time to walk around and look at all kinds of antiques, plants, produce, and clothing. DH explored the barn where the motorized stuff and building materials was placed while I strolled through the furniture. Then we met back up at the small animal building where we were hoping to get our replacement pullets.

As we found a spot on the hard benches, we noticed there was a smaller crowd than normal, probably due to the colder weather. So we had room to sit comfortably and enjoy the auction. We even held hands off and on. There weren't any pullets that we were interested in but we did win a nice set of Silkie chickens (4 hens and a roo) and a live animal trap in very good condition.

After we got our haul installed in the truck, DH went to get in line to pay for our treasures while I made a quick trip to the ladies room. When I went to find him afterwards, he had slipped off to buy us a hot chocolate while we waited in line.

We made the trip home with the chickens serenading us from the back seat and sipping hot chocolate. And that's what I call a successful date night!


  1. Ralph and I just had a is snowing here and we had to bed the main ally in the tobacco barn to give the chickens room to run around yet stay sheltered. Pastured poultry need a lot of playroom! He forked the ha from the loft and asked if I knew a good restaurant....I said several but there was a close one that would make pancakes and Amish bacon for brunch. He laughed and said he would take me there when we were done!Work is much better when you can have fun doing it. I love your date night at the auction!

  2. Hi,
    I wanted to ask if you could please add/edit my new url for Little Homestead In Boise on your blog sidebar? Google blew it up along with an old defunct email acct. I have restored it but now it's "The" LHIB address. I'd be really grateful, it's now- Thanks so much, Nancy

    1. I went to the new address and it said "old blog restored"? I'll wait a few days to make any changes.

  3. Yes after 7 hours I found a work around, and got the old one back ;)


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