Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Anyone else spend time over Thanksgiving being grateful for their partner?

My DH has been putting in lots of overtime at work, lots of 12-14 hour days, which made me glad for the couple days of rest he would get over the holiday. We spent some time on his first day home catching up on the "man" stuff (restocking feed barrels and fix-it projects and shooting guns.)  But the plans to rest didn't pan out. Instead, I lost the ability to put any weight on my left leg the night before all the family was supposed to drop in for our Thanksgiving feast. My hip was in excruciating pain as soon as I turned a certain way or stepped down. I've had this happen before and I believe it most likely is a nerve that is being irritated. Of course the only medical facility open was the local hospital and we both agreed it would not be wise to visit the emergency room for something that wasn't life threatening and most likely would resolve itself without treatment. I decided to wait it out until regular doctor hours.

Meanwhile, a turkey needed roasted, there were side dishes to prepare, critters needed care, and I needed assistance to walk anywhere. And DH stepped right up to the plate (platter really) and took care of all of it. He even went the extra mile to help me do some Black Friday shopping the next day. By Saturday I was able to get around on my own again and he returned to work and the exhausting schedule.

While I'm sad that he didn't get a break, I'm also thankful to have a partner to fill in the gap when I'm not able.

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