Saturday, December 5, 2015

It's a Good Day When...

There's no ice in the water buckets!

The first bag you pull out to empty the litter box in doesn't have a hole in the bottom!

There's no hay in your hair! or your bra!!

You don't find yesterday's eggs in your coat pocket!

Someone needs a ride and there's no pet hair in the seat!

You just happen to notice there's no processed food in your fridge!

The dog decides she doesn't like the taste of Christmas tree ornaments!

All the mail in the box can be filed in the fire starter bucket!

The boot scrubber catches all the chicken poop. Every single bit!

The breeze is blowing away from the buck pen!

Your skirt doesn't rip on a strand of wire!

How about you? What good things put a smile on your face? Share!


  1. Your list summs it up pretty well! When I had was always good not to wake up with the bull rubbing on the corner of the kitchen!

  2. A good day is when I wake up and I am still on the green side of the grass :-)


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