Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like...Spring

I find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit of things when the temperatures outside are above freezing. This week our highs are 50s to 60s and we might even break a record. Bah. I want my snow and cold hands and frosted windows and... you get the picture. It's fine with me if winter only hangs around til Christmas is over, I fight depression after too much of it. But I still like that winter wonderland feeling for the holiday.

I've got a stack of cards to address and get in the mail but instead I took the morning off to fill a window box with dirt and plant some leftover herb seeds in it. The warm weather made me want to go outside and putter in the garden but the garden has been put to rest for the season. So I did the next best thing, house planting. In a few weeks I should have a nice patch of dill and basil to sniff. When/if the cold weather finally gets here and the new of it wears off, maybe a spot of green will cheer me up!


  1. It was 50's here today in northern IL., sure not winter weather. It could snow Christmas week to make the ground white, then melt the next week. That would be enough winter for me!

  2. 50s today up here in the NE corner of Indiana, too. Just doesn't seem right. I suppose this is better than the feet of snow, or sub-zero temps we had in the last couple years. I don't get to pick, but if I did there would be some happy medium that was a little more winter-like.


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